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  4. As Wylie describes it, he was the gay Canadian vegan who somehow ended up creating “Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare mindfuck tool”.

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    Bannon » got it immediately. He believes in the whole Andrew Breitbart doctrine that politics is downstream from culture, so to change politics you need to change culture. And fashion trends are a useful proxy for that. Trump is like a pair of Uggs, or Crocs, basically. So how do you get from people thinking ‘Ugh. Totally ugly’ to the moment when everyone is wearing them? That was the inflection point he was looking for.”

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    After many months, I learn the terrible, dark backstory that throws some light on his determination, and which he discusses candidly. At six, while at school, Wylie was abused by a mentally unstable person. The school tried to cover it up, blaming his parents, and a long court battle followed. Wylie’s childhood and school career never recovered. His parents – his father is a doctor and his mother is a psychiatrist – were wonderful, he says. “But they knew the trajectory of people who are put in that situation, so I think it was particularly difficult for them, because they had a deeper understanding of what that does to a person long term.”

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    Paul-Olivier Dehaye – a data expert and academic based in Switzerland, who published some of the first research into Cambridge Analytica’s processes – says it’s become increasingly apparent that Facebook is “abusive by design”. If there is evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, it will be in the platform’s data flows, he says. And Wylie’s revelations only move it on again.

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    Millions of people’s personal information was stolen and used to target them in ways they wouldn’t have seen, and couldn’t have known about, by a mercenary outfit, Cambridge Analytica, who, Wylie says, “would work for anyone”.
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  6. ...Essa prática tradicional da vigilância “direcionada”, que remete à Stasi da Alemanha Oriental e ao modus operandi das várias ditaduras que passaram pelo território latinoamericano na segunda metade do século passado certamente ainda está presente nos dias de hoje. Mas ela por vezes eclipsa, principalmente para o público geral, a quantidade de dados sensíveis que já são criados, registrados, transmitidos e processados por todo o caminho desde o celular, passando pelas antenas e fios, até os servidores de email e mensagens instantâneas e a famigerada “nuvem” (que, no fim das contas, é “apenas o computador de outra pessoa”)...
    http://Quais dados seu celular e a rede móvel coletam?
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  8. "Social media platforms for academics, such as Academia.edu or ResearchGate, are spaces where millions of scholars share their research and construct themselves as legitimate and productive academic workers. These services provide new metrics of scholarly impact, such as download counts, social media sharing, popularity, or network reach..."
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