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  4. All of this highlights how murky attribution can be, particularly when focused only on the tools or techniques a group uses, and how the CIA is not doing anything different than other groups in borrowing tools and techniques.

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    “Everything they’re referencing in the CIA documents » is extremely public code, which means the Russians are grabbing the same snippets and the Chinese are grabbing them and the U.S. is grabbing,” says Graham. “So they’re all grabbing the same snippets of code and then they’re making their changes to it.”

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    The bottom line with the CIA data dump released by Wikileaks is that journalists and others should take care to examine statements made around them to ensure that they’re reporting accurately on the contents.
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  7. In what is surely one of the most astounding intelligence own goals in living memory, the CIA structured its classification regime such that for the most market valuable part of "Vault 7" — the CIA's weaponized malware (implants + zero days), Listening Posts (LP), and Command and Control (C2) systems — the agency has little legal recourse.

    The CIA made these systems unclassified.

    Why the CIA chose to make its cyberarsenal unclassified reveals how concepts developed for military use do not easily crossover to the 'battlefield' of cyber 'war'.

    To attack its targets, the CIA usually requires that its implants communicate with their control programs over the internet. If CIA implants, Command & Control and Listening Post software were classified, then CIA officers could be prosecuted or dismissed for violating rules that prohibit placing classified information onto the Internet. Consequently the CIA has secretly made most of its cyber spying/war code unclassified. The U.S. government is not able to assert copyright either, due to restrictions in the U.S. Constitution. This means that cyber 'arms' manufactures and computer hackers can freely "pirate" these 'weapons' if they are obtained. The CIA has primarily had to rely on obfuscation to protect its malware secrets.
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  9. "A reportagem – que à época teve acesso a 12 horas de conversas, o conteúdo de 38 fitas grampeadas dentro da PF, inclusive na sala do diretor – mostrou que as tais fitas, que existiram, já não existiam. Por motivo de economia, naqueles tempos de baixo orçamento da Polícia Federal, fitas do Caso Sivam haviam sido apagadas; para serem reutilizadas."
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  10. O áudio integra um conjunto de gravações clandestinas efetuadas pelo próprio Kennedy de suas reuniões desde 1962, quando, por coincidência, deu início à série gravando um encontro com Gordon. Nesse dia, o diplomata já afirmava a Kennedy que o golpe militar era uma opção para se resolver a crise política brasileira.
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