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  1. Apesar das repetidas garantias do Facebook de que as informações do usuário são completamente anônimas e agregadas, os materiais do Actionable Insights enfraquecem essa afirmação. Um estudo de caso do Actionable Insights a partir do documento geral promove como uma operadora de telefonia celular norte-americana anônima usou anteriormente seu acesso ao Actionable Insights para segmentar um grupo racial específico e sem nome. A segmentação do Facebook por “grupos de afinidade multicultural”, como a empresa anteriormente se referia à raça, foi descontinuada em 2017 depois que a prática de focalização foi amplamente criticada como potencialmente discriminatória.
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  3. Arvind Magesan, an economics professor at the University of Calgary, said the IPO has already been tough for drivers.

    "Uber has lowered driver wages and raised prices ahead of May 9, in order to make the company more attractive to potential investors," Magesan told Al Jazeera.

    "Uber (and Lyft) will use some of the proceeds from the IPO will go towards the development of autonomous vehicles. That will ultimately displace at least some of its drivers," he added.
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  5. Fresh policies are needed to curb monopoly powers and redistribute the immense wealth that is concentrated in the leading AI firms, he adds. This month, Amazon became the second company, after Apple, to reach a market valuation of $1tn. The pair are now worth more than the top 10 oil companies combined. âWhen you have so much wealth concentrated in the hands of relatively few, you have a more unequal society and that is bad for our democracy,â says Stiglitz.
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  7. As we have seen time and time again in the research for our map, dystopian futures are built upon the unevenly distributed dystopian regimes of the past and present, scattered through an array of production chains for modern technical devices. The vanishingly few at the top of the fractal pyramid of value extraction live in extraordinary wealth and comfort. But the majority of the pyramids are made from the dark tunnels of mines, radioactive waste lakes, discarded shipping containers, and corporate factory dormitories.
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