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  10. Shall we then really worry about it? Shall our users worry?

    I don't think so, and here is why:

    Being funded by US Government does not necessarily imply maliciousness. Occasionally the USG funds something meaningful, such as e.g. NASA or DARPA.

    Almost always there is somebody (often powerful and of doubtful ethics) behind any larger money... Somehow most people are not concerned about how ITL managed to keep Qubes development over the last 5 years... Whose money have these been, really? And those who think donations or some form of crowdfunding could sustain a project like Qubes are advised to look into the total amount of Bitcoins we have accumulated from donations over the course of nearly 2 years (yes, that's around $800, for which we could probably afford to pay for... 1-2 days of work a skilled system developer ;)

    Last but not least: we have been trying to keep Qubes development process as transparent and infrastructure-independent as technically possible with the goal of reducing the amount of trust our users needs to put into... us. This includes, e.g. introduction of our qubes-secpack repo with canaries, the build process improvements I wrote more about in the previous post, and also recently discussed on the mailing list.
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