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  1. Fresh policies are needed to curb monopoly powers and redistribute the immense wealth that is concentrated in the leading AI firms, he adds. This month, Amazon became the second company, after Apple, to reach a market valuation of $1tn. The pair are now worth more than the top 10 oil companies combined. âWhen you have so much wealth concentrated in the hands of relatively few, you have a more unequal society and that is bad for our democracy,â says Stiglitz.
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  6. Based on a systematic review and evaluation of business reports, documents, statistics, literature and press releases, this paper analyzes the market conce ntration and the expansion and innovation strategies of the leading internet companies Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. The findings invalidate any claims that a decentralization of the market and a democratization of the internet is taking p lace, or that research, development and innovation processes are becoming more open and collaborative. The five examined companies, as the operators of the core infrastructures of the worldwide web, shape the overall products and services offer of the inte rnet, determine access to the web, structure the communication possibilities for users, and are the main drivers of innovation in this field. Not decentralization, democratization and open innovation, but market concentration, control and power struggles a re categories to adequately describe the fundamental dynamics of the commercial internet.

    author » Ulrich Dolata
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  10. "In the Sponsored Data examples, AT&T envisions a movie company buying a pool of data so it can show people a trailer for free or a health insurance company making forms or instructional videos available for free to its clients. Companies would purchase sponsored data via an API and can offset the end consumers’ data costs for a general type of content (all VoIP calls on Tuesday are sponsored by Google), specific apps (Facebook buys a pool of data so all Wall posts won’t count against your data cap during the Thanksgiving week) or for specific content as mentioned above."
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