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  5. The general public are completely in the dark about very fundamental issues regarding online search and influence. We are talking about the most powerful mind-control machine ever invented in the history of the human race. And people don’t even notice it.

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    They are absolutely thinking long term. They have the resources, the money, and the ambition to do whatever they want.

    “They want to digitise every book in the world: they do it. They want to build a self-driving car: they do it. The fact that people are reading about these fake news stories and realising that this could have an effect on politics and elections, it’s like, ‘Which planet have you been living on?’ For Christ’s sake, this is obvious.”

    “The internet is among the few things that humans have built that they don’t understand.” It is “the largest experiment involving anarchy in history. Hundreds of millions of people are, each minute, creating and consuming an untold amount of digital content in an online world that is not truly bound by terrestrial laws.” The internet as a lawless anarchic state? A massive human experiment with no checks and balances and untold potential consequences? What kind of digital doom-mongerer would say such a thing? Step forward, Eric Schmidt – Google’s chairman. They are the first lines of the book, The New Digital Age, that he wrote with Jared Cohen.

    We don’t understand it. It is not bound by terrestrial laws. And it’s in the hands of two massive, all-powerful corporations. It’s their experiment, not ours. The technology that was supposed to set us free may well have helped Trump to power, or covertly helped swing votes for Brexit. It has created a vast network of propaganda that has encroached like a cancer across the entire internet. This is a technology that has enabled the likes of Cambridge Analytica to create political messages uniquely tailored to you. They understand your emotional responses and how to trigger them. They know your likes, dislikes, where you live, what you eat, what makes you laugh, what makes you cry.
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  6. Based on a systematic review and evaluation of business reports, documents, statistics, literature and press releases, this paper analyzes the market conce ntration and the expansion and innovation strategies of the leading internet companies Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. The findings invalidate any claims that a decentralization of the market and a democratization of the internet is taking p lace, or that research, development and innovation processes are becoming more open and collaborative. The five examined companies, as the operators of the core infrastructures of the worldwide web, shape the overall products and services offer of the inte rnet, determine access to the web, structure the communication possibilities for users, and are the main drivers of innovation in this field. Not decentralization, democratization and open innovation, but market concentration, control and power struggles a re categories to adequately describe the fundamental dynamics of the commercial internet.

    author » Ulrich Dolata
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  8. Walter Quattrociocchi, pesquisador da área de ciência de dados, redes e algoritmos no IMT – Institute for Advanced Studies italiano, alerta sobre essa ideia: “Um algoritmo, por definição, nunca será capaz de distinguir o verdadeiro do falso”. Carlos Castillo, que dirige o grupo de pesquisas de ciência de dados no Eurecat (Barcelona), concorda: “Decidir se algo é verdadeiro ou falso não é algo que devemos terceirizar para uma máquina. Nem para outras pessoas. Não pode haver um Ministério da Verdade como o do romance 1984, de George Orwell » , tampouco um algoritmo da verdade”.
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