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  1. When the hedge funders asked me the best way to maintain authority over their security forces after “the event,” I suggested that their best bet would be to treat those people really well, right now. They should be engaging with their security staffs as if they were members of their own family. And the more they can expand this ethos of inclusivity to the rest of their business practices, supply chain management, sustainability efforts, and wealth distribution, the less chance there will be of an “event” in the first place. All this technological wizardry could be applied toward less romantic but entirely more collective interests right now.
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  2. I asked Hoffman to estimate what share of fellow Silicon Valley billionaires have acquired some level of “apocalypse insurance,” in the form of a hideaway in the U.S. or abroad. “I would guess fifty-plus per cent,” he said, “but that’s parallel with the decision to buy a vacation home. Human motivation is complex, and I think people can say, ‘I now have a safety blanket for this thing that scares me.’ ” The fears vary, but many worry that, as artificial intelligence takes away a growing share of jobs, there will be a backlash against Silicon Valley, America’s second-highest concentration of wealth. (Southwestern Connecticut is first.) “I’ve heard this theme from a bunch of people,” Hoffman said. “Is the country going to turn against the wealthy? Is it going to turn against technological innovation? Is it going to turn into civil disorder?”
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  9. But beyond the obvious luxury, what most surprised me was to find that billionaires aren’t really that interested in money, per se. Money for them is just a measure of their success in building empires. And yet I think greed is too simplistic an explanation for why they’re driven, almost by instinct, to keep on accumulating. Instead, they tend to convince themselves that their self-interest matches up neatly with the public interest, so that the pursuit of personal profit becomes a quest for broad progress. Otherwise, how could they live with such extreme wealth? Interviewing them, the most interesting moments for me were when I asked how they felt about being so rich in a country as poor as Brazil. Their justifications were usually pretty tortured.
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  10. Os impostos mais sonegados são o INSS, o ICMS, o imposto de renda e as contribuições sociais pagas com base nas declarações das empresas. Os impostos indiretos, embutidos nos produtos e serviços, e o Imposto de Renda retido na fonte, incidentes sobre as pessoas físicas, são impossíveis de sonegar. A pessoa jurídica cobra os tributos, mas algumas vezes não os repassa ao governo.
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    “Existe um sítio na Procuradoria-Geral da Fazenda Nacional que enseja a consulta dos CNPJs ou CFPs dos devedores, mas sem informar quais são os valores devidos. Não temos uma cultura de transparência no Brasil. Essas restrições são inaceitáveis e nós devemos caminhar para uma maior transparência, com a divulgação dos nomes e respectivos valores devidos.”
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